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Katherine Kappa

Katherine Kappa

Ph.d. stipendiat

  • Center for Internationalisering og Parallelsproglighed

    Emil Holms Kanal 4, 2300 København S, Søndre Campus, Bygning: 23.4.36

    Telefon: +45 35 33 57 94

Aktuel forskning

Collaborations among individuals who do not have the same sociocultural and linguistic backgrounds have become that much more common in this globalized world. The different resources and ideas about acceptable norms of behavior that people bring with them into different professional, but also informal, situations often pose interactional challenges as well as can prove pivotal for the success of a shared activity.

My case study involves a linguistic ethnography of relatively new volunteers as part of a Nordic solidarity organisation who go on a project monitoring and brainstorming visit of their partner, a civil society organisation in Swaziland. My interest is in the emergence and negotiation of social norms in this setting, as well as how normativity relates to power relations. The project is therefore embedded in studies of intercultural communication, development work, postcolonialism and asymmetries of power relations.

In addition to this, the project also aims to contribute to the theoretical and empirical understanding of what has been called ‘transient multilingual communities’: “social configurations where people from diverse sociocultural and linguistic backgrounds come together (physically or otherwise) for a limited period of time to work on a shared activity or project” (Mortensen & Hazel, fc).

The PhD project is part of the research group Transient Multilingual Communities.



Social interaction, crosscultural communication, membership categorisation processes, organised cultural encounters, volunteerism, civil society organisations. 

ID: 165029101