Simple Data Visualizations in Corpus-Linguistic Research into Grammatical Constructions

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Kim Ebensgaard Jensen - Foredragsholder

I have added the actual motion charts that I included giffed renderings of during my presentation. Note that, they work best if you change 'Lin' to 'Log' on both axes. I also recommend that you set the playback speed to the slowest speed (you can adjust it right next to the playback button). You can select which verbs or nouns you want to focus on in the 'Select' menu. If you leave the trails option ticked, your selected words will leave a trail so you can track their movement. This is useful, but if you select several words, the graph may end up looking very messy, so I suggest that you untick the trails option. Per default, the color code represents DIFF scores, but you can change it such that it represents other things. In the gifs I showed, I had changed it such that it represented frequency. Feel free to play around with both motions charts. To learn more about motion charts in linguistics, I recommend that you visit Martin Hilpert's Motion Chart Resource Page: Eventually, I will make the R-scripts I used to generate the other graphs that I showed in my presentation publicly available too, but there are some tweaks that I need to do first. Watch this space.
20 jan. 2017

Begivenhed (Workshop)

TitelWorkshop on Knowledge Visualization
Dato20/01/2017 → …
AfholdelsesstedUniversity of Copenhagen
KontekstLokal begivenhed

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