Value statement

CIP's objective is to provide a theoretical as well as a practical foundation to support the University's policy regarding the use of Danish and English as parallel languages: English is vital for the University as an active participant in the international academic community. However, the University is also determined to continue to fulfil its obligations to serve Danish society through the medium of Danish. It is CIP’s role to help ensure that all employees and students have the language skills required to be able to function optimally in a national as well as an international context in Danish and English, and ultimately in a number of other languages too.

The fundamental underlying value is therefore clear: to promote both dimensions equally without choosing one over the other.

CIP's central aim is to develop both practical and research-based knowledge of language needs and skills in university settings, and it is this research-based dimension that sets CIP apart from other language course providers.

Through its research, the Centre's role is to promote more qualified discussion and decision-making regarding language and language use through providing sound empirical knowledge, which is robust enough to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their viewpoint regarding language use, can see the value of this research to such discussions.

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