Cultural programme

The purpose of the cultural programme is partly to support the classes by allowing the participants to be able to put what they have learned into perspective and use their Danish language skills in a tangible context, and partly to provide participants with knowledge of different forms of culture in Denmark.

The excursions could include for example museum visits, exhibitions, canal tour, biking trips, theatre and other cultural activities. See the programme in the box to the right. The participants are also encouraged to arrange outings on their own, i.e. to the beach, the cinema or to concerts. 

As well as the planned excursions, there will be a weekly lecture about Danish culture, language and/or film and media held by researchers and lecturers from the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen.

Furthermore, many of the participants will have the opportunity of visiting a family somewhere in Copenhagen and environs.

Excursions and lectures will normally take place from 13:00, alternatively in the late afternoon/evening. The schedule includes one afternoon off a week.