The teaching on the Danish Summer Language Course will encompass all four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) with particular focus on oral proficiency at a level corresponding to the needs and wants of the participants.

The Danish teaching will be conducted as 4 lessons of 45 minutes daily between 9 AM and 12.30 PM Monday-Friday in the three weeks the course runs. In total, the students will be offered 60 lessons, aimed at B2 level, adapted according to the questionnaires filled in by the successful applicants.

The teaching will be carried out by qualified teachers with an educational background in teaching Danish as a second language.

During the three weeks, the participants will work with chosen subjects based on the answers to the questionnaires. These could be related to e.g. cultural contexts, politics, literature and art.

The course will be held as class-based lessons in regular class rooms at the University of Copenhagen.

The teaching materials will be available to the participants through UCPH’s learning management system, Absalon. The material will be comprised of different kinds of texts, including videos, sound files and texts (articles, extracts from books etc.). The teaching varies between individual tasks including oral presentations and tasks done in pairs or in small groups.

The course will in specific focus on oral Danish i.e. presentations, speaking exercises, pronunciation etc. There will also be some grammatical exercises based on the discussions in class. During the course, the participants will be expected to do minor preparation at home such as reading, writing, grammar exercises, preparation of oral presentations etc. but no actual homework is expected.