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Introduction to Arabic language and culture – with fieldwork

Autumn 2016
Combined 15 ECTS elective course

Do you have an interest in the Middle East? In Arabic culture? In Arabic language?
If yes, there is an Arabic language course available the autumn that offers an introduction to basic Arabic language and culture combined with fieldwork methodology. In connection to that, the course will use the Middle Eastern milieus/communities in Copenhagen as a resource.     

Target group

The course is intended for students without prior knowledge of Arabic who wish to develop basic written and spoken Arabic, learn about Arabic culture and society, and hone these skills in a fieldwork context.

Fieldwork in Copehagen

Students will be expected to seek out Arabic-speaking people and places in Copenhagen in order to practice their spoken Arabic and develop their vocabulary.

Course structure

Two-thirds of the course is devoted to language learning and the remaining third covers anthropological approaches.

The language element involves learning the Arabic alphabet, simple reading and writing exercises, and conversation exercises on basic topics. The spoken Arabic will be based on the Egyptian dialect. The course also provides an introduction to the differences between spoken Arabic dialects and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

The anthropological approaches will be developed through reading of articles, lectures, collective discussions and fieldwork experience.

Language of instruction

The language element will be taught in Danish and the anthropological one in English. The language of examination is either English or Danish, and Arabic.     

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