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Get ready to study abroad

Are you studying abroad in the upcoming academic year? In August, you can prepare for your stay with four workshops about communication and language designed especially for students studying abroad. The deadline for enrolment is 23 June. 

The four intensive workshops share the title “Language for studying abroad”. The idea is to begin the workshop series  with a newly developed individual language test, and to use the test results as point of departure for the four workshops.

Each of the four workshops are free of charge and take place at South Campus in Copenhagen from 14 August to 18 August 2017 (week 33). The workshops are open to all students studying abroad or  going on study-related stay abroad in the academic year of 2017-2018. In general, the workshop sessions are conducted in English.

You can enrol for one or more of the following workshops:

Language for studying abroad
A two-hour workshop about learning in a foreign language with regard to both language acquisition and intercultural competences. In the workshop, there will be short exercises in listening, speaking, and discussing in a foreign language.

Introduction to academic writing in English
As part of your stay abroad, you will usually be writing brief texts in English. This three-hour workshop will focus on common challenges in writing academic English, and on training in writing academic texts in English.

Presentation techniques
A three-hour workshop about presentation techniques and feedback that will take its point of departure in a recording of your own 3-5 minute presentation in Danish, English, German or French (further instructions will follow). Based on the individual recordings, the workshop will provide you with tools and exercises for you to use for presentations in class and in oral exams.

Reading strategies for studying abroad
A three-hour workshop about reading strategies in a foreign language with regard to both reading strategies and acquisition of vocabulary.  The workshop includesconcrete exercises in reading of texts in English, French, and German.

Online material
When you participate in a workshop you will followingly have access to online material with strategies and tools for you to use during your stay abroad.

Enrol for one or all four workshops, and take the language test by filling out the application form no later than 23 June 2017.

If any there are any available spaces, it will be possible to post-enrol by the end of July.