Get ready to study abroad

Are you studying abroad in the upcoming academic year or do you just need to "brush up" your academic English? The deadline for enrolment is 15 August 2019.  

In August, we offer four workshops on communication and language both for students who are going to study abroad, and those who feel the need to strengthen their academic skills. A minor fee will be charged for each workshop. They will take place at South Campus in Copenhagen from 20 to 22 August 2019 (week 34). 

The workshops are open to all students from the University of Copenhagen and will conducted in English.

You can enrol for one or more of the following workshops through the webshop:

Intercultural competences 
Tuesday 20 August from 10:00-11.30. Room 12.0.25, South Campus
A 1.5-hour workshop with a focus on the challenges of functioning in a foreign language, in a foreign academic culture in a foreign country. The workshop will cover differences in core cultural values, academic culture and communication styles.
Price: DKK 125,00

Introduction to academic writing in English
Tuesday 20 August from 13:00-16:00. Room 12.0.25, South Campus
You will have to write academic texts in English. The workshop focuses on the style, structure and language of academic writing and will provide you with a wide range of useful tips, tools and strategies that you can draw on when writing in English.
Price: DKK 185,00.

Presentation techniques 
Wednesday 21 August from 9:00-12:00. Room 12.0.25, South Campus
A three-hour workshop on presentation technique, and public speaking which will provide you with tools and exercises to present in class and at oral exams.
Price: DKK 185,00

Reading strategies for studying abroad 
Thursday 22 August from 9:00-12:00. Room 12.0.25, South Campus
A three-hour workshop on  academic reading strategies in a foreign language and acquisition of vocabulary.  The workshop includes exercises on academic texts  in English only.  Examples in French, Italian and German can be provided upon request.
Price: DKK 185,00.

Price for all four workshops
Price for all four workshops: DKK 625,00.
After each workshop, you will receive material with strategies and tools for you to use during your stay abroad or your study at home.

Individual feedback on text or presentation
You also have the option to receive individual written feedback on a text or oral presentation. The feedback will be sent to you electronically.
Please ask your workshop teacher for more information.

Price for ½ hour’s feedback: DKK 249. Price for 1 hour’s feedback. DKK 495.

Special discount: two workshops and ½ hour of feedback: DKK 525.

Practical information
You will receive an email with practical information at least one week before the workshop begins.
All prices are including VAT.