Presentation techniques for undergraduate students (7.5 ECTS)

This course is intended for all international and Danish BA-students from across the University of Copenhagen.

Students will develop oral presentation skills, which will enable them to successfully negotiate their English-medium courses at BA level in their own field of study. On completion of this oral presentation course, students should be able to deliver a well-structured presentation and produce spoken English approaching the C1-level as defined in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

As a seminar style content course with interactive class discussions and practice presentations, the course takes its point of departure in the needs of the individual student. Therefore, students are required to complete a number of readings in their own field of study to enhance their vocabulary in this area, and they are expected to base their oral presentations on these readings.

Active participation is expected in the course, and students are required to participate in class discussions, complete a number of practice presentations during the course of the semester and deliver a final oral exam presentation.

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A 12-week course with one weekly teaching session of 2 lessons.

The teaching takes place at Søndre Campus, Amager.

More information and enrolment

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