Other language services at CIP

- What can CIP offer you besides language courses?

In addition to traditional language courses and individualised language training, CIP provides a range of other language services. The list below is not exhaustive, and you are always welcome to contact us if you have any enquiries about how we may be able to assist your department in dealing with professional language-related challenges. 

Examples of activities


Language-related talks and presentations

As a language resource centre, CIP has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about language policy, the use of parallel languages, and other topics pertaining to the linguistic internationalisation of universities. The researchers at the Centre are available to give presentations on such topics. Typically, such presentations could focus on the use of Danish and/or English at the University of Copenhagen, but talks and presentations by CIP could also take the shape of a general introduction to CIP's main objectives or focus specifically on one or more areas of CIP's research fields.

After-work meetings, workshops and seminars

CIP can arrange short meetings, workshops and seminars aimed at a particular section, department or faculty. The content of such meetings is agreed upon by you and relevant researchers at CIP. An example of a topic could be the transition from using Danish to using English in teaching or administration situations.

Typically, the CIP researcher would give an introductory talk, and then ask the audience to join in a discussion and share their experiences working with different languages at the University.

Strengthen your language skills - participate in a subject-specific language study group

CIP can set up small study groups which allow employees within the same field to meet and talk about work-related topics in either Danish or English.

The purpose of these study groups is to assist employees to maintain and improve their English or Danish language skills. Special emphasis will be given to participants' oral skills, and especially to issues related to pronunciation/intonation, fluency and coherence, academic vocabulary and grammatical accuracy. 

The structure of these courses and the number of lessons will be arranged with the individual group on an ad hoc basis. A member of the CIP staff will coordinate the meetings and participate as a language supervisor, ensuring that participants maintain a focus on strengthening their language skills.

Events focusing on CIP's research

In addition to the activities mentioned above, CIP hosts a number of other events which relate to our research. Every autumn, we host a conference on parallel language use with presentations by the Centre's own researchers as well as internationally recognised foreign scholars.

If you want to keep up to date with CIP's research, you can sign up for our newsletter by writing an e-mail to cip@hum.ku.dk.

Translation services

Unfortunately, CIP does not offer translation services. The University does, however, run a translation service. The Translation Centre offers translation services, copywriting, editing and revision in most languages. The Translation Centre is also responsible for compiling and updating the Danish-English/English-Danish university dictionary, KUlex

You can reach the Translation Centre by phone or e-mail:

Telephone: +45 35 32 85 90

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