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CIP’s writing workshop series

CIP's writing workshop series offers a number of individual workshops at regular intervals. Each workshop is a one-day event which centres on one selected aspect of writing in English within a university context. The workshops have been specially designed for administrative and academic staff at The University of Copenhagen.

You can choose to attend only one workshop and concentrate on what you find most demanding: punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, syntax or composition. You may also attend several workshops to gain more practice and expertise. Like LEGO blocks, the workshops in the series can be stacked together or selected piece by piece.

Each workshop offers writing activities so that you can practise what you’re learning. Many of the workshops give you an opportunity to work with your own texts.

If you want to work on your writing, but you’re not sure which workshop to choose first, send a sample text to cip@hum.ku.dk. The CIP instructor will help you to decide where to start.

You may also choose the advanced workshop called “Edit for Focus and Style” and learn about strategies to improve your texts. Afterwards you will have a better idea which aspect of your writing needs most attention.

Workshops for academic staff:

  • Report with Rigour: Incorporate Other Writers’ Ideas Effectively
  • Emphasise Your Point:Order Your Words to Persuade Others
  • Find the Exact Word: Select Well, Cut What Is Necessary
  • Flex Your Syntax: Avoid Syntactic Awkwardness and Ambiguity
  • Sell Your Abstract: Summarise Your Findings with Precision and Panache
  • Edit for Focus and Style: Identify Spots for Improvement in Your Writing

Workshops for administrative staff:

  • Control Your Commas: Punctuate Your English Texts Properly
  • Structure Your Sentences: Become Familiar with the Different Sentence Types in English
  • Know Your Nouns: Get to Grips with Things and Concepts
  • Revisit Your Verbs: Take Action and Master Your Tenses
  • Connect with Confidence: Link Your Ideas Correctly


Please contact cip@hum.ku.dk for more information on the workshops.