Research areas in CIP

The Centre's research can be divided into five main areas, all of which contribute to fulfilling the Centre's overall objective. Click the headlines to read more about the different research areas.

Parallel language in practice

Research into the historical and institutional conditions for language choice and its communicative and social consequences.

Foreign and second language acquisition and teaching

Research into the language acquisition of university staff and students, and into foreign and second language teaching in order to support appropriate planning and organisation of the teaching, both for language courses and content teaching.

Language policy

Research into language policy decisions at the university and the consequences of these, including the status of the Danish language as a language of science.

Language and the quality of learning outcome

Research into aspects relating to students' learning outcomes, including a focus on students' language competences and the teacher's linguistic and didactic competences.

Testing of language competencies in an academic context

Research into testing of students' and lecturers' comeptencies in academic English or Danish, including aspects of importance for the certification of language competencies.