Free Punctuation Workshop
December 2019

Control your Commas: Mastering English Punctuation
Exclusively for UCPH staff (registration needed)

I spent all morning putting in a comma and all afternoon taking it out..

Oscar Wilde

When do you put a comma before that? What about a comma before which or who? Are there any comma rules in English anyway? Or is it OK just to apply the rule: When in doubt, leave it out? Is there a difference between the boy’s room and the boys’ room? How on earth should you use a colon; or even a semi-colon?  

Punctuation can present problems, or at the very least uncertainty, for many Danes when writing in English. So if the above questions have awakened your curiosity – because you aren’t sure of the answers, or perhaps because you are sure, but would like to know the underlying rules – then this workshop is for you.

The free intensive two-hour workshop focuses specifically on the four punctuation marks that tend to cause most problems: the comma, the semicolon, the colon and the apostrophe. It will feature a mixture of teacher explanations, participant input and discussions, and participants will be given the opportunity to try out their new punctuation know-how via hands-on practical exercises.

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Let’s eat Grandma or Let’s eat, Grandma?
Remember: correct punctuation saves lives!