24 August 2018

TMC - busy summer

"Transient Multilingual Communities and the Formation of Social and Linguistic Norms" is a research project funded by funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research.

The project - as the title suggests - is exploring the formation of social and language related norms in transient multilingual relations.

This summer's work in the project included presentations and participation at Sociolinguistic Symposium 22 in Auckland, New Zealand and the 11th International Conference of English as a lingua franca in London, UK. Read more about the research and presentation activities in the project on tmc.ku.dk

The project is a collaboration across three universities. The following researcher make up the project group:
Spencer Hazel, Senior lecturer, University of Newcastle
Katherine Kappa, PhD fellow, University of Copenhagen
Kamilla Kraft, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen
Dorte Lønsmann, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School
Janus Mortensen, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen