Models for teaching language as an additional competence (MUST)

The project runs from 2020 to 2023 and aims to gain insight into language as an additional competence in higher education programmes that are not part of the foreign language and literature programmes.

The purpose of the project is to develop a set of generic models for how to offer instruction in language as an additional competence. The models will be based on a needs analysis carried out among the project’s ten collaborating partners.

Content and phases

The initial phase of the project is conducting needs analyses in the participating programmes and institutions. Assessing different language needs will be used to develop, implement, and evaluate relevant models for teaching. We will base the models on the needs, language conditions, and infrastructure in play on each individual programme.

Throughout the project, we work to describe the construct of competence, both as a general concept and as an additional competence, to better understand how language competence relates and contributes to other skills.

Project phases

  1. Identification of needs among the project participants
  2. Development and execution of development projects at the partner institutions
  3. Evaluation, final reporting and presentation of results