Activities and events

During the project the partners will host a series of local EMI workshops as well as arrange a conference on "EMI practicies in Europe" in April 2019. 

Local EMI workshops

As part of the project, each partner will host a 3-day EMI workshop for local staff. The purpose of each workshop is to introduce the local participants to the basic characteristics of EMI and to provide them with opportunities to develop strategies to support teaching and learning in their local context. Furthermore, this is a way to try out and implement both the EMI framework and the EMI handbook into the institutional level of each partner university.

The workshops will take place in summer/autumn 2019 and the partners will be responsible for the hosting of and invitations for the workshops. 

Conference on "EMI practices in Europe", 4-5 April 2019

This two-day conference consisted of presentations of current research into and expericence from EMI practicies as well as workshop sessions where practitioners, researchers and EMI trainers shared best practice concerning the methods related to teaching in a second language.

The conference was arranged by FHSS in cooperation with UCPH.

Read more at the conference website.