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The Language Policy Network (LPN)

The Language Policy Network (LPN) was created in early 2013 in association with Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use at Univeristy of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University and Aalborg University.


The primary aim of the network is to connect researchers and other interested parties working with language policy issues from within a range of disciplinary areas, including education research, minority studies, public and business administration, and others, and to coordinate and promote such research. Additionally, the network intends to influence public debate on language policy and language-related issues in Denmark.


In particular, the network provides:

  • A forum for discussing and developing the language policy research field in Denmark.

  • Workshops and conferences featuring invited guests (from Denmark or abroad). These are open to the general public.
  • Regular network meetings. These are topic-focused and often include presentations by network members or invited guests accompanied by cross-disciplinary discussion.
  • Additional meetings aimed at students (PhD, but also others) who are researching or considering doing research in language policy related areas. These meeting sometimes include mentoring or presentations by more experienced researchers.


If you are interested in knowing more about the network or participate in the activities, Please write to: