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Parallel Language Use - a proposition for debate (2009)
A taskforce at CIP has formulated a description of the principles for the CIP staff's use of different languages. The description refers to the four points outlined in the Foundation Document on what a language policy at an institution of higher education should cover, namely: teaching, research, dissemination and internal communication. 

University lecturers' attitutes to English as medium of instruction (2009)

In 2009, researchers at CIP conducted the survey: "Underviseres holdninger til engelsk som undervisningssprog - en spørgeskemaundersøgelse på Københavns Universitet". The background for the survey, the method and the preliminary results are described in this report. Click the headline to download the report (pdf, 62 pages in Danish).
The report is in Danish, but contains an English summary. This summary and English versions of tables and figures can be found in an appendix.
Link to appendix 

The development of the Test of Oral English Proficiency for Academic Staff (TOEPAS) (2012)
Joyce Kling & Lars Stenius Stæhr

Brugen af engelsk på danske universiteter: en statusrapport (2012)
Anna Kristina Hultgren, CIP



Hultgren, A. K. Forthcoming. ‘Domænetab i dansk: en undersøgelse af fagterminologien i kemi, fysik og datalogi på Københavns Universitet’ [Domain Loss in Danish: A Study of the Scientific Terminology in Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen]’. To appear in Nordisk Tidskrift för Andraspråksforskning [Nordic Journal of Second Language Research], special issue on ’Domain Loss in the Nordic Countries’.

Hultgren, A. K. Forthcoming. ‘Code-switching in the Internationalized Academe: Are Indexicality and Authenticity Always Relevant?’. To appear in Peter Auer (ed.) Indexing Authenticity: Perspectives from Linguistics and Anthropology. De Gruyter Mouton.

Hultgren, A. K. Submitted. ‘English Influence in Planned and Spontaneous Spoken Danish: The Irrelevance of “prestige” to Language Maintenance’. International Journal of the Sociology of Language.

Hultgren, A. K. Submitted. ‘Reconciling Essentialist and Constructionist Theories of Language and Foreign Language Proficiency: The Case of English at Nordic Universities’. Applied Linguistics.

Hultgren, A. K. In preparation. ‘English as a Global Language of Science and the Consequences for Nordic Terminology’. To be submitted to Language in Society.

Hultgren, A. K. Forthcoming. ‘Multilingualism in the Internationalized Academe: “Parallellingualism” at the University of Copenhagen’. To appear in Multilingua¸ special issue on ‘Multilingualism at Work’.

Hultgren, A. K. Accepted. Lexical Borrowing from English into Danish in the Sciences: An empirical investigation of ‘domain loss'. International Journal of Applied Linguistics.

Hultgren, A. K. (2011). Fup og fakta i debatten om domænetab, Nyt fra Sprognævnet, nr. 1 2011.

Jensen, C & Thøgersen, J (2011). University lecturers' attitudes towards English as the medium of instruction, Iberica, vol 22, p. 13-33.

Kling, JM & Stæhr, LS (2011). Certificering af universitetsunderviseres engelsksproglige kompetencer, Sprogforum.  

Thøgersen, J & Airey, J (2011). Lecturing undergraduate science in Danish and in English: A comparison of speaking rate and rhetorical style, English for Specific Purposes , vol 30, p. 209-221.  

Jensen, C., Denver, L., Mees, I. & Werther, C. (2010). Ingen engelskkurser, tak!. Sprogforum vol. 46.

Jensen, C., Stæhr, L. S., & Thøgersen, J. (2010). Har ældre universitetsundervisere flere problemer med undervisning på engelsk? Sprogforum vol. 46.

Thøgersen, J. (2010): Coming to terms with English in Denmark. International Journal of Applied Linguistics.

Contributions to academic books/anthologies/collections


Hultgren, A. K., Gregersen, F. & Thøgersen, J. (eds). In preparation. English at Nordic Universities: Ideologies and Practices. Benjamins. (Book proposal has been accepted by board of editors and is pending approval by publisher).

Jensen, C , Denver, L, Mees, I & Werther, C (2011). Students' and Teachers' Self-assessment of English Language Proficiency in English-Medium Higher Education in Denmark - a Questionnaire Study. In Language and Learning in the International University. From English Uniformity to Diversity and Hybridity , Languages for Intercultural Communication and Education, Multilingual Matters.

Kling, JM & Stæhr, LS (2011). Assessment and assistance: Developing university lecturers' language skills through certification feedback. In Policies, Principles, Practices. New Directions in Foreign Language Education in the Era of Educational Globalization , Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  

Kling, J & Hjulmand, L (2011). PLATE: Project in language assessment for teaching in English. In Realizing Content and Language Integration in Higher Education , p. 191-200.

Kling, JM & Panferov, S (2011). Retooling for a New Career; From Teacher to Administrator. In Reigniting, Retooling and Retiring in English Language Teaching , University of Michigan Press.

Westbrook, PN & Henriksen, B (2011). "Bridging the Linguistic and Affective Gaps": The Impact of a Short, Tailor-made Language Course on a Danish University Lecturer's Ability to Lecture with Confidence in English. In R Cancino, L Dam & K Jæger (ed.) , Policies, Principles, Practices. New directions in foreign language education in the era of educational glaobalization. , 2011 edition, vol. 1, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, p. 188-212 

Jensen, C, Denver, L, Mees, I., & Werther, C. (2009). English as a medium of instruction in higher-level education: an interim report on a project at the Copenhagen Business School. In Farø, K., Holsting, A., Larsen, N., Mogensen, J. E., & Vinther, T. (ed.). Sprogvidenskab i glimt: 70 tekster om sprog i teori og praksis (p. 377-384). Odense: Odense University Press.

Contributions to general interest books/anthologies/collections/journals

Hultgren, A. K. & Lønsmann, D (2011). ‘Dansk ”is not” truet af engelsk [Danish “is not” Threatened by English]’. Analysis in the national newspaper Politiken, 19 September.

Hultgren, A. K. (2011) [continuously updated]. ‘Domain Loss in Danish: Rhetoric or Reality?’ Blog about ’domain loss’.

Stæhr, L. S. (2009). Parallelsproglighed på Københavns Universitet. In: Sprogforum. 2009 ; vol. 45, august. p. 49-52 Stæhr, Lars Stenius (2009). Tilegnelse og testning af ordforråd. In M. Byram, A. Gregersen, B. Henriksen, A. Holmen, K. Lund, M. Olsen & L. S. Stæhr (ed) Sprogfag i forandring – pædagogik og praksis. Samfundslitteratur, p. 167-204.

Westbrook, P. (2009). Basing an ESP course on a university administrative terminology list. Professional and Academic English, the journal for the English for Special Purposes special interest group under IATEFL (the International Association of TEFL teachers (Issue 34)

Presentations at research conferences and symposiums

Hultgren, A. K. (2012). ‘Publishing Internationally: What are the Consequences for Nordic Scientific Terminology?’. Talk given at the 19th Sociolinguistics Symposium, Berlin, 21–24 August.

Hultgren, A. K. (2012). ‘English as a Language of Science and the Consequences for Nordic Terminology’. Talk given at the 11th Nordic Conference on Bilingualism, Danish School of Education, 14–16 June.

Hultgren, A. K. (2012). ‘Bilingual Practices in Higher Education in Northern Europe: A case for terminology planning?’. Talk given at The English Language in Europe: Debates and Discourses, Sheffield, 20–22 April.

Hultgren, A. K. (2012). ‘Vores stadig mindre verden og sproget [Our Shrinking World and the Language]’. Talk given at The Royal Danish Society of Sciences and Letters, The Young Academy, Copenhagen, 11 April.

Hultgren, A. K. (2012). ‘Introduction to the Panel English in Nordic Academia: Ideologies and Practices’. Talk given at Higher education across borders: Transcultural interaction and linguistic diversity, Roskilde University, 2-4 April.

Hultgren, A. K. (2011). ‘Code-switching in the Internationalized Academe: Are Indexicality and Authenticity Always Relevant?’. Talk given at Indexing Authenticity: Perspectives from Linguistics and Anthropology, University of Freiburg, 25–27 November.

Hultgren, A. K. (2011). ‘”Building Rapport” with Customers across the World: The Global Diffusion of a Call Centre Speech Style’. Talk given at the 16th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 23–28 August.

Hultgren, A. K. (2011). ‘English and Danish in Contact in the Natural Sciences at the University of Copenhagen: Assessing the Risk of “Domain Loss”’. Contribution to the invited panel ‘Multilingualism at Work’, Second I-Mean Conference, University of the West of England, 13–15 April.

Hultgren, A. K. (2010). ‘Sociolinguistic Theory and Public Representations of Language: A Marriage Made in Hell?’. Talk given at the Sociolinguistic Symposium 18, University of Southampton, 1–4 September.

Hultgren, A. K. (2011). Parallellspråkliga Mål för Nordens Internationaliserade Universitet: En Empirisk Undersökning av 'Domänförlust'.: Parallellingual Goals for the Internationalized Universities of the Nordic Countries: An Empirical Investigation of 'Domain Loss'., Paper fremlagt, Helsingør, Danmark , 30-05-11 - 31-05-11

Hultgren, AK (2011). Domænetab og Parallelsproglighed: To Nøglebegreber på Center for Internationalisering og Parallelsproglighed og Dansk Sprognævn.: Domain Loss and Parallellingualism: Two Key Concepts at the Centre for Internationalization and Parallel Language Use and the Danish Language Council., Paper presented, København, Danmark , 03-06-11 - 03-06-11.

Hultgren, AK (2010). What is Language and What Have People Got to Do with It?, Paper fremlagt ved CIP-Symposium 2010 : Dansk i parallelsproglig praksis Brugen af dansk på det internationaliserede universitet., København, Danmark , 11-11-10 - 11-11-10.

Jensen, C. & Thøgersen, J. (2009) Underviseres holdninger til engelsk som undervisningssprog. Presentation at CIP's symposium 2009.

Kling, J. (2012) Language assessment for admission and quality control: an overwiew.  The Nordic Association of University Administrators (NUAS), Stockholm, 14. august 2012.

Kling, J. (2009) Nonnative content teachers: Are they assessed? Are they assisted? Kollokvium oplæg, TESOL Convention 2009 Kling, J. (2009) Language of instruction and teacher education in international contexts”, Board sponsored session + panel discussion, TESOL Convention 2009.

Kling, J. (2009) Improving English-medium instruction on EFL University Campuses, from the bottom-up & the top-down. TESOL virtual seminar – October 1, 2009: with K. MacDonald (S. Korea).

Kling, J. (2009) Reflections on teaching English-medium courses, Department of Social Medicine, Institute of Public Health; September 16, 2009.

Stæhr, L. S. & Kling, J. (2009). Test of Oral English Proficiency for Academic Staff (TOEPAS): Developing a language certification test for university lecturers. Presentation at CIP's symposium 2009.

Stæhr, L. S. & Kling, J. (2009). A test of oral English proficiency for university lecturers: Developing proficiency levels and justifying assessment use. Conference presentation, Language Testing Forum, University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK, 20-22 November.

Thøgersen, J. (2009) Sprogstøtte til studerende på KU. Conference presentation, Sprogstrategier og parallelsproglighed ved nordiske universiteter, Helsingfors, Finland, Nordens Sprogråd.

Thøgersen, J. (2009) Den danske debat om sprog på universiteterne. Conference presentation, Sprogstrategier og parallelsproglighed ved nordiske universiteter, Helsingfors, Finland, Nordens Sprogråd.  

Jensen, C, Denver, L Mees, I. & Werther, C. (2008). English or Danglish: The effect of foreign language features on students’ perceptions of lecturer competence. Research paper presented at CALPIU '08. Transnational Student Mobility, Roskilde, Danmark, 15-17 December 2008.