Christina Fogtmann Fosgerau
Christina Fogtmann Fosgerau

Associate Professor

From an empirical and a theoretical perspective I study processes of understanding in interaction. In particular, I'm interested in the processes related to interactants' understanding of their own and each others mental states.

Current research

  • Understanding depression. A study og GP's and psychiatrists understandings.
  • Mentalizing in residental care. An intervention study from a residential institution.

Primary fields of research

  • Understanding and challenged understanding
  • Mentalization theory
  • Identifying mentalizing processes through interaction analytic methods
  • Emotions in interaction
  • Reciliens
  • Doctor-patient interation
  • Interaction between young people in residental care and their care givers
  • Psychodynamic theory and interaction analysis


Communication analysis in the Psychology of Language

Introduction to the Psychology of Language - The psychology of understanding



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