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Anne Sofie Jakobsen

Anne Sofie Jakobsen

Academic Officer, No title

Projekttitel: An investigation of Danish academic vocabulary
Projektstart: 1. september 2015
Vejleder: Birgit Henriksen

In my PhD project, I explore the concept of academic vocabulary in Danish academic writing. Academic vocabulary are the words (single as well as multiword lexemes) frequently used across a range of academic disciplines. As such, they do not belong to technical or general vocabulary. They are important to know in order to understand and produce academic discourse. The aim of this project is to identify and describe potential academic words which can serve as a basis for developing pedagogical tools for teaching academic language. I make use of corpus-linguistic and other quantitative methods such as lexical coverage measurements to reach an empirically based understanding of the role and nature of Danish academic vocabulary. 


I have taught the following course:

Introduction to Foreign Language Pedagogy and Acquisition (English, MA)

Academic Language Use in the L1 and the L2 with a Focus on Vocabulary - with Sanne Larsen (English, MA)

ID: 32693153