Kamilla Kraft

Kamilla Kraft

Research assistant

I obtained my PhD in language sociology at the MultiLing centre, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies at University of Oslo, Norway. Furthermore, I hold Bachelor and Masters degrees in English and Social Welfare Studies from Roskilde University, Denmark.

I am interested in processes of multilingualism and labour migration, especially with regard to how these structurate workplaces. Currently, I am studying construction sites, primarily in Norway, but also in Denmark. These workplaces are highly international and multilingual due to labour migration with workers coming from e.g. Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Greece, and Spain.

My PhD study explored how multilingualism and communication are regulated by and regulate work, how this regulation work is keyed to logics of flexibility in late capitalism, and how it reproduces stratification of the labour market. My postdoc research is also anchored in the construction industry, but focuses on how members of temporary teams with different socio-cultural and professional backgrounds produce and reproduce linguistic and social norms for and through their collaboration, or lack hereof. This study contributes to theorising human sociality as it explores how people build social order through establishing - either negotiating or enforcing - specific norms. The study demonstrates what these norms are, and how they are established in a dialectics between local interactions and institutional as well as social structures. It is part of the TMC project.



ID: 185059224