Strategic Initiatives

Internationalisation of learning environments and improvement of students’ and employees’ multilingual competences are two important focus areas of 2016 – Strategy for the University of Copenhagen. Consequently, the University has launched two development projects focusing on language strategy in 2013. The projects will lead to new initiatives and language-supporting offers across the University’s faculties.

The projects are anchored at the Faculty of Humanities and Associate Dean for Education Jens Erik Mogensen. Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use will manage the projects and ensure research-based support.

The Language Strategy – more languages for more students

This five-year research-supported project has been launched to realise the strategy aimed at improving students’ language skills. The project seeks to ensure specialized language-supporting activities and offers across the University of Copenhagen.

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2016 Funds – Internationalisation and language skills

Retaining students and preparing them  for their careers is of high priority at the University of Copenhagen. Therefore, this cross-organisational four-year collaborative project has been launched. The project will develop a catalogue that can serve as inspiration for improving the international dimension of study and learning environments across the University’s Master’s Programmes.