The Language Strategy has through its active period from 2013 to 2018 organised a number of events with the purpose of disseminating and discussing the work of the Strategy.

  1. Final celebratory event for the Language Strategy on 27 November 2018.
  2. Exchanging experiences with representatives from Jyväskylä University (2017)
  3. Two representatives from the Language Center at Jyväskylä University presented the ongoing work with implementing a comprehensive language policy for the university.
  4. Halfway seminar (2016)
  5. An event to present and discuss a status for the Language Strategy at the halfway point in the project period.
  6. Event with external consultant (2016)
  7. John Airey from Uppsala University commented, critiqued and discussed a number of documents concerning the work of the Language Strategy.
  8. Seminar on reading knowledge in foreign languages in higher education (2015)
  9. Researchers, teachers and students discussed the issues involved in supporting reading knowledge in foreign languages in non-language programmes.
  10. Seminar on digital media (2015)
  11. Utilising digital media in language instruction.
  12. CIP-symposium (2014)
  13. The theme of the 2014-version of the annual symposium was to introduce and discuss the Language Strategy of University of Copenhagen.