Experiences from the Language Strategy

The Language Strategy has provided the University of Copenhagen with an insight into the role of language as a study skill across a range of study and teaching-related contexts. Solutions and needs analysis models have been tried and tested in specific situations, and approaches to integrating content and language in programmes at all levels have been developed. The Strategy has provided:

  • An insight into the connection between subjects, their discourse and language use and thus an insight into the important link between language and learning.
  • Suggestions on how to integrate reading skills in complex texts in English into a course.
  • Suggestions on how to integrate academic English writing support into a course.
  • Suggestions on how to acquire reading skills in languages other than English to give students access to relevant texts in the original language.
  • Suggestions on how language courses for specific purposes, such as fieldwork, can be established.
  • Models for needs analysis at macro-level based on a combination of questionnaires, dialogue and testing of solutions in practice.
  • Models for needs analysis at micro-level based on actual experience of integrating language activities into existing courses in order to identify what specific initiatives are needed, in relation to both the overall curricula and the individual course plans
  • A model for the implementation of a dialogue-based organisational change that allows for a gradual integration of the initiatives in accordance with the needs, requirements and capacity of each individual programme, department or faculty.