Retention of and career preparation for international graduate students

Developing activities aimed at career preparation and retention of international graduate students at the University of Copenhagen.


The aim is to strengthen internationalisation at the University of Copenhagen by developing a number of initiatives that can contribute to the retention of international graduate students through tailored retention and career guidance initiatives and a comprehensive introduction to the Danish labour market.


During the project period, the working group will test and evaluate a number of faculty and programme specific initiatives, including project days with an introduction to the Danish labour market and Danish working culture, workshops on identifying relevant qualifications, networking and job searches, industry-specific visits to employers, and individual guidance talks.

Completed activities and dissemination

Since spring 2014 more than 65 events have been carried out in the project. These include welcome receptions for international master students at UCPH, tailored career guidance events, company visits, workshops focussing on resumes and job applications etc. In November 2015 it was assessed that approximately 2.500 students have attended one or more of the project’s events.

In 2016, six videos aimed at international MA students will be released. These videos focus on various relevant career-related subjects. The films Prepare for a Career in Denmark, How to Write a good Job Application and My Danish Career are already available.

These videos and other material related to the project will all be included in the final inspirational catalogue, which is expected to be completed in the fall of 2016.

Inspirational catalogue

Based on the working group’s conclusions, examples of activities will be selected and compiled in an Inspirational Catalogue. The catalogue will contain guidelines in the form of tried and tested approaches to running workshops, organising project days, setting up industry contacts, etc. The inspirational catalogue will be disseminated across the entire University so as to be available to instructors and administrators involved in international graduate programmes.

From the outset, activities developed within the project will be tailored to and embedded in the local academic environments. The catalogue will be based on the principle of flexibility and the need to be able to customise solutions to meet the wishes and needs of the faculties’ diverse groups of international graduate students.

The Inspirational Catalogue will be developed with close collaboration between the academic environments, the administrative units at the participating faculties, and the central University Education Services. During the process, representatives from the business sector, interest groups, and university graduates will also be involved.

Working group

Anne-Grethe Lehman Routley, Senior Executive Adviser (SUND)
Heidi Ås, Academic Officer (SCIENCE)
Gitte Henchel Madsen, Senior Executive Adviser (SCIENCE)
Tilde Blaaberg Rørvig, Academic Officer (SUND)
Mette Juhl Vedel, Academic Officer (TEOL)
Trine Nielsen, Area Manager (HUM)
Signe Nielsen, Academic Officer (FA, Alumni Relations Office)Til toppen