Medical English for students

This developmental project responds to specific English for specific purpose (ESP) needs of medical students conducting clinical training at Hvidovre Hospital.

Research question: How can we support the acquisition of medical English for UCPH students working in a Danish medical setting?


The overall goal of this sub-project is to develop English language training and awareness raising activities for advanced level Danish and international medical students to help them with the acquisition of English for the purpose of one-on-one clinical encounters with non-Danish speaking patients and colleagues.

Target Population

UCPH medical students at Hvidovre Hospital who work with non-Danish speaking patients and colleagues.

Success Criteria

This sub-project runs over the course of several phases, each of which may result in independent success criteria. Aspects of this project are explorative, as well as developmental.

The final evaluation focuses on the specific outcome of the development of two tangible products, namely an adaptable, tailor-made course in ESP for medical students working in pediatrics and a self-access terminology catalogue linked to the electronic medical journals used at Hvidovre Hosptial.

Provisional timetable

The activities of this sub-project can be divided into the following phases:

  • Phase 1 - Needs assessment: During this phase, Danish and international medical students working together in a project entitled, “Internationalization at Home” are observed in both plenary teaching sessions and clinical visitation at the Department of Pediatrics at Hvidovre Hospital. Conduct focus group with students. (Fall semester 2013)
  • Phase 2 – Course development and pilot course implementation: During this phase, material and methodology for a course in English for medical purposes are implemented. Strategies and goals of this sub-project are reviewed. (Spring semester and Fall semester 2014)


An evaluation procedure in line with the phases described above has been carried out, and an article describing the benefits of the course is currently being prepared.      
In 2016, three short videos, related to the project will be released. These videos focus on the potential benefits related to clinical training that includes international students.  

Project participants:

Joyce Kling Soren, Postdoctoral Fellow (CIP, HUM)
Dina Cortes, Clinical Associate Professor (Institut for Klinisk Medicin, SUND)