The focus areas of the project

The project Internationalisation and Language Skills is aimed at strengthening the internationalisation of programmes at the University of Copenhagen through the development of initiatives across the University that can contribute to:

  1. strengthening educational practices so as to accommodate and utilise linguistic and cultural diversity
  2. strengthening students’ language and intercultural skills in preparation for working in an international context both during and after completion of their programmes
  3. recruiting and retaining international graduate students through tailored activities focusing on retention and career preparation

The project consists of the following focus areas: firstly, examples will be developed of approaches to university educational practice which will help to optimise the teaching of internationally diverse groups of students. Secondly, a methodology will be developed aimed at strengthening students’ language and intercultural skills according to the requirements of their programme. Thirdly, initiatives will be developed with the goal of retaining a greater percentage of international graduate students in Denmark upon graduation. Among the initiatives will be, for instance, tailored retention initiatives and a comprehensive introduction to the Danish labour market.

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Inspirational catalogue

Tangible output from the project includes the writing of an inspirational catalogue including all three focus areas, and containing guidelines on optimising teaching and learning practices across the University. The catalogue will consist of a number of well-tested initiatives aimed at strengthening the international dimension of the University’s study and learning environments.