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Let's dansk
- Language should be used where it is learned – and learned where it is used!

The University of Copenhagen has a policy of parallel language use. This means that Danish and English as well as other languages are used in connection with work at the university, which demands a great deal from us all. Much of the communication at UCPH is conducted in Danish, e.g. e-mails, meetings, etc. Danish is also often spoken in lunch and coffee breaks. This can be challenging for people who are learning the Danish, especially in the beginning, when it takes concerted effort to use the language.

With the campaign 'Let's dansk!', CIP aims to bring into focus how important it is for the University's international staff members to be prepared for a Danish language workday at the University.

CIP offers a variety of Danish courses for international staff. However, Danish must also be learned outside the classroom. This requires an effort from the international staff as well as from the management and Danish colleagues.

Below, you can find inspiration and useful advice on how you can help put a focus on Danish at your work place.

  • The Language Buddy Programme

    Have you spoken Danish at work today? CIP can lend a helping hand with the Language Buddy Programme.

  • 'Let's dansk' at your workplace

    Get inspiration to focus on Danish in the day to day parallel language use at your workplace. CIP has assembled some good advice on how to use the language where it is used, which is at work.

  • Interviews on the use of Danish at universities with parallel languages

    Staff members and experts share their experiences of learning Danish and how they handle the day-to-day parallel language use at the University.