EUROCALL 2020/Online Gathering

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The Gathering took take place 20 and 21 August 2020. The Gathering consisted of two plenaries, online workshops, SIG events, poster awards and a virtual party.   

In addition to a re-watch option on the live sessions there is also a number recorded sessions/presentations (15-minute each approx.) available on a new EUROCALL Youtube channel. All of these represent papers that were accepted for the 2020 conference. 

Online gathering site

Find much more information about the Online Gathering on the EUROCALL Gathering 2020 website.  

Plenary presentations

The online gathering allowed time for two plenary presentations. More information about the presenters below.


Two of the keynote speakers planned for EUROCALL2020 delivered their keynotes at the EUROCALL Online Gathering. 

John Gillespie

Vincent Hendriks

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Annual Graham Davies lecture

John Gillespie
Professor (Emeritus), University of Ulster

John H. Gillespie is Professor of French Language and Literature at Ulster University (Emeritus). His main research interests in CALL have included translation software, computer-based language-learning environments, multimedia laboratories and staff and student motivation for the use of CALL. Recently he has concentrated on the history and research strategy of CALL, linked to his interest in intellectual history, especially  the interaction of literature, philosophy, theology and religious belief in contemporary (French) culture: he is a specialist in French existentialism, especially Jean-Paul Sartre (he is an Editor of Sartre Studies International) and Albert Camus.  He is keen to see CALL and language education in general take account of its cultural context.  John is a founder member of EUROCALL, and has been a member of the Executive committee since 2006 and Treasurer since 2010.


Friday, 21 August 2020

Vincent Hendriks
Professor, University of Copenhagen

Vincent F. Hendricks is Professor of Formal Philosophy at The University of Copenhagen. He is Director of the Center for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS) sponsored by the Carlsberg Foundation and was awarded the Elite Research Prize by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Roskilde Festival Elite Research Prize both in 2008. He was Editor-in-Chief of Synthese: An International Journal for Epistemology, Methodology and Philosophy of Science between 2005-2015.



Special thanks to the academic committee

The Copenhagen team would like to thank the academic committee for the time and expertice provided in connection with the paper review process. 


Organising committee in Copenhagen

If you have any questions concering the cancelled conference in Copenhagen, feel free to contact the relevant member of the organising team. 





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