Implementation of the UCPH language policy

In January 2021, the University of Copenhagen adopted a new language policy, developed as part of the university’s Strategy 2023. The language policy is available here, along with a report outlining the background for the initiative (here).

The implementation of the language policy is currently underway at all levels of the university, and this naturally raises many questions about how the policy can meaningfully be turned into practice. The collection of web pages we link to in the boxes to the right has been produced in response to some of these questions, with the intention of helping all stakeholders at the university interpret the language policy and facilitate implementation.

The language policy consists of 10 main sections containing a number of principles for language use at the university. The sections are divided into two overall areas: 1) Language and employees and 2) Language and education.

For each of the principles, we provide our take on how it can be understood and offer some specific suggestions for how it can be turned into practice. We also point to specific resources that are available in connection with each principle, for instance in relation to language learning.

If you have questions that are not addressed in the collection of pages, or if you have good ideas you would like to share in relation to the language policy, please contact us at We update the pages regularly, so any input you provide is likely to help us improve the site.

At this time, our elaboration of the UCPH language policy only includes the principles of sections 1, 2, 7 and 10, but we will provide our elaboration of the remaining sections as well as a Danish version during autumn 2022.