Genre and second language academic writing: Influences and developments

Brian Paltridge from The University of Sydney
Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use
Friday 13 May 2016, 10:00 - 12:0

The notion of genre is now an extremely important one in the teaching and researching of second language academic writing. In this presentation, I trace the history of genre and genre-based teaching in the area of second language academic writing through key work that has been influential in its development. Some of this work is more theoretical in that it has contributed to the development of ways of thinking about and researching genres, while other work has been more practical in that its focus has been on the teaching and learning of genres and, in this case, the teaching of academic writing in second language settings.

Brian Paltridge is Professor TESOL at the University of Sydney. His most recent publications are Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, edited with Aek Phakiti (Bloomsbury, 2015) and Ethnographic Perspectives on Academic Writing (with Sue Starfield and Christine Tardy, Oxford University Press, 2016). He has recently completed, with Sue Starfield, a book on getting published in academic journals to be published by the University of Michigan Press. He also, with Sue Starfield, edits the Routledge Introductions to English for Specific Purposes and the Routledge Research in English for Specific Purposes series. He is a co-editor of TESOL Quarterly and an editor emeritus for English for Specific Purposes.