PhD Defense

More Danish, More English

Language Policy, Language Use, and Medium of Instruction at a Danish University

Kimberly Chopin defends her PhD thesis.

Assessment Committee

  • Associate Professor Janus Mortensen, Chairman (University of Copenhagen)
  • Professor Glenn-Ole Hellekjær (University of Oslo)
  • Professor Emeritus Terrence G. Wiley (Arizona State University)

Moderator of the defence

  • Professor Anne Holmen (University of Copenhagen)

Copies of the thesis

will be available for consultation at the following three places:

  1. At the Information Desk of the Library of the Faculty of Humanities
  2. In Reading Room East of the Royal Library (the Black Diamond)
  3. At the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies, Njalsgade 128.

After the defense CIP will be hosting a reception in room 25.3.07.