13 August 2018

EMI - new publication

English Medium Instruction in Multilingual and Multicultural Universities - Academics’ Voices from the Northern European Context has recently been published with Routledge.

The monograph is authored by Birgit Henriksen (professor MSO at ENGEROM and former director at CIP), Anne Holmen (professor and director, CIP) and Joyce Kling (postdoc, CIP).

A large amount of attention has been devoted to the field of English medium instruction (EMI) within a higher education context in recent years. An increasingly large number of courses are taught in English rather than local languages in countries where English is not an official language. This has implications for both teachers and students. Areas and issues connected with EMI have been examined from many different perspectives at CIP and UCPH for almost a decade. The work at CIP has resulted in the accumulation of a large amount of knowledge on EMI. This knowledge now finally available in book form.   The book provides you with an elegant overview of many of the most important findings and results from CIP’s core research areas. The overview includes central linguistic, pedagogical, sociolinguistic and sociocultural issues in connection with EMI in both a local (DK/Nordic) setting and from an international perspective.

We have a handful of copies at CIP available for loan at CIP (not take-home copies). The book can be acquired in print or as e-book from Routledge as a part of the series Research in English for Specific Purposes.