29 November 2019

Seminar on 'Språkpolitikken' (langauge policy) with presentations from CIP

Thursday 21 March, November 2019, The Language Council of Norway held a seminar on language policy. The council plays an active role in the Norwegian universities' work in relation to updating language policies to ensure that the use of Bokmål, Norwegian and English at the educational institutions is considered by the universities. The event took place in Bergen. Bergen/Vestlandet is a pioneer region when it comes to actively making conscious language choices in connection with teaching and research.

The Language Council of Norway has prepared some recommendations regarding Language policy and language choice based on the joint Nordic report, More parallel, please! The recommendations are presented under the title Veiviser for Språkvalg i universitets- og høgskolesektoren. In addition to a detailed version, there is also a short summary version for print.

Helen Sværke, administrator at CIP, was invited to give presentations about CIP's role in internationalisation at the University of Copenhagen in order to provide an overview of how language and internationalisation will be approached at the University of Copenhagen to inspire the Norwegian educational institutions. The seminar was livestreamed and can be viewed on The Language Council of Norway’s Facebook page

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Category: Marketing

From 1:05 to 1:20 you can see Helen Sværke’s presentation about CIP’s role in internationalisation at The University of Copenhagen.