8 April 2022

New pre-semester course in Danish culture and language for international students across UCPH

In August 2022, Danish Culture Course will be offering a new semester course in History of Copenhagen w/ Danish language, aimed at international exchange students taking part of their degree programme at UCPH.

CIP is contributing by offering intensive classes in Danish at beginner level over the three-week duration of the course.

A course for new-comers to UCPH

The target group for the pre-semester course is students who start at UCPH as international exchange students in September.

Before starting their studies, they now have the opportunity to learn more about Danish culture and history while earning ECTS credits – and to learn basic Danish idioms and expressions that can make their study start at UCPH a little easier while at the same time giving them greater insight into Danish society.

Course format and content

The pre-semester course is taking place from 8-26 August 2022 and consists of 20 lectures on Danish culture and 27 lessons in Danish. The lectures are given in English, while the Danish classes will be a combination of Danish and English.

The course has been set up as a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen's international office, Danish Culture Course and CIP – and its purpose is to help international students get off to a good start with their studies at UCPH.

What do the participants learn?

Associate Professor Peter Edelberg from the SAXO Institute, who is the course coordinator for the Danish Culture Course, hopes that the course will provide students with a better understanding of the history, language and culture of Copenhagen:

"We hope the course will give students a thorough and exciting introduction to the history, culture, and language of the place they have come to: Copenhagen and Copenhagen University.

No matter whether you study physics, computers, or history, this course will give you the chance to appreciate the deeper meaning of what Copenhagen is and what is has to offer."

Katja Årosin Laursen, who is the course coordinator for Danish courses at CIP, believes that even basic Danish skills can help to open doors and meet new people:

"Learning Danish is a great way of getting to know more about Denmark and the people living here. This Danish Course will introduce you to the basics of the Danish language and it will help you get by and meet people more easily in everyday situations, for example at the university, the coffee shop and the supermarket. Join us for three fun-packed weeks. "

Registration and further information

The deadline for registering for the course is 1 June at the website of the Danish Culture Course.

We hope to offer the course every year in August and January, depending on the numbers of students registering for the course.