21 December 2023

AI and the University: Research grant from the Carlsberg Foundation

Now that the year is almost over, CIP is very happy to share that the Carlsberg Foundation has decided to fund Professor Janus Mortensen’s project "AI and the University – Towards a sociolinguistics of literacy and voice in the age of generative language technology" (AI-UNI) with a Semper Ardens Accomplish Grant of DKK 9.889.244.

For the next five years, AI-UNI will explore the transformative impact of AI on language use in academia, with a specific focus on how AI influences knowledge production, acquisition, and dissemination.

The project will document ongoing change in the way generative language technology is used as part of academic practices, critically assess the associated implications for research, teaching, and learning, and progressively build a theoretical model of human engagement with generative language technology as a site of sociolinguistic change.

The project team will accomplish this by conducting linguistic ethnographic case studies of how research staff and students within different disciplines use generative language technologies as part of their everyday practices, and by running an annual survey documenting changes over time in the uptake of AI as part of research, teaching and learning at Danish universities.

The project will be hosted by the Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use at the University of Copenhagen.

Janus Mortensen, professor and CIP director, and Sanne Larsen, tenure track assistant professor at CIP, will be co-investigators on the project. The Semper Ardens Accomplish grant will fund two PhD students and two 3-year postdocs who will complete the research team.

We look forward to five years of exciting research that will generate new knowledge about literacy and voice in the age of generative AI.