Researching language policies in higher education

The Nordic network on parallel language use at universities and in higher education concluded in their first report (Gregersen et al. 2014) that many Nordic universities are now developing new language policies and practices to become more international while also strengthening their national educational role. This may seem straightforward, but the report also shows that the processes involved are complex, conflictual and full of dilemmas.

In this research seminar we shall focus on empirical and methodological insights gained from studies on language policy within higher education. 

The program hold three presentations and time for discussion:

"Researching Language Policy Processes and Consequences: Lessons from Exemplary Studies"
by Terrence Wiley, Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University and organizer of the international research network, LPREN listserv.

"Managing Methodological Challenges in the Study of Educational Language Policy"
by Francis M. Hult, associate professor at Lund Universitet.

“Gatekeepers and burning souls – The Role of Agency in Institutional Change”
by Anne Holmen, professor of parallel language use and director of CIP at UCPH.

The seminar is open and both students and researchers are welcome. In order to make sure we have enough coffee, tea and sandwiches we would like you to register by 14 October 2016.

All presentations will be in English.