Development and research

Development and research is the foundation of all teaching activities and skill enhancement courses provided by CIP. CIP develops teaching activities with close attention to specific situations. That is a process, which requires meticulous investigations into relevant content, needs, language proficiency etc. During the research process, CIP consults the latest knowledge within foreign language acquisition, parallel language use, language policy and language testing. Post completion, CIP’s teaching activities provide empirical data, which both serves as a means of enhancing future language teaching activities and contributes to the ongoing research within the field of parallel language use.

Development of teaching activities

CIP’s teaching activities are always tailor-made, which means that they are developed to accommodate the needs of the specific group or individual. In that way, CIP makes sure that each participant leaves the course having acquired the language skills that are most useful in relation to their work assignments.

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At CIP, we continuously develop and conduct research projects designed to explore how internationalisation affects the university as a Danish educational institution, as a research environment, as a multilingual workplace, and as a societal institution.

The research portfolio at CIP covers basic ‘blue skies’ research as well as applied research. In fact, most of the research we do defies simple categorization as either one or the other, as we work at the intersection of basic research and applied research.

It is often difficult to pigeonhole the work we do as belonging to one specific research tradition or area. Instead, we tend combine approaches and agendas from different fields.

On the pages we link to below, we provide general accounts of our seven main research strands, covering teaching in English and Danish, language policy and planning, language testing and assessment, language teaching and learning as well as intercultural communication.

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Academic dialogue and network

CIP is an active participant and promotor of the academic dialogue, both nationally and internationally. CIP is therefore involved in a number of networks with the purpose of distributing and receiving information on the most recent research and knowledge within the field of language teaching.

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Projects and collaborations

CIP has attracted and initiated projects and activities within teaching, research and educational policy. These projects and activities have been carried out both at the university and externally in collaboration with or on behalf of other institutions. As a result, CIP’s experiences are utilised most effectively while nurturing productive relationships between the university and the community.

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