10 March 2023

New structure and broadened entry requirements are implemented for CIP’s language courses in German and French for students going abroad

In January 2023, CIP once again offered students the opportunity to participate in language courses in German and French for students going abroad. As was the case in August, the courses received very positive evaluations.

Based on experiences from the courses in August and January, CIP is now ready to introduce a new structure for implementation over the next year.

For future courses, the entry requirements have been broadened to allow more students to participate. From now on, students will be able to register for the courses, even though their exchange agreement has not yet been finally approved. Students who are interested in studying abroad will also be able to register to test and strengthen their language skills before applying for a study abroad stay. Places are allocated so that students with approved exchange stays are prioritised, followed by students in the process of arranging a stay, and finally students with an interest in arranging an exchange stay. In addition, registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. If necessary, a waiting list will be set up.

Evaluations show that the universities in the French-speaking countries generally start introductory and semester activities earlier than the German-speaking countries. For this reason, the courses in German and French in August 2023 will begin on a staggered schedule, so that the French course begins 31 July, while the German course begins 14 August. The hope is that implementing the new schedule will allow more students who are going to French-speaking countries the opportunity to participate in the course.

Another new initiative is that, in the future, the three-week course will only be offered in August, while the winter courses are replaced by shorter workshops in December and January. This is because, due to block structure and exam periods, more students find it difficult to participate in a three-week course in January. The shorter workshops will be differently themes, covering topics such as university-related terminology and language for everyday oral communication, and the students can sign up for all the workshops they find relevant. The workshop format was tested with a small French group in January 2023 with good success and will during winter 23/24 also be applied for the German courses.

Registration for the courses in August 2023 is now open. Link to the entry requirements and registration form is available in the box to the right.