26 September 2022

This year’s summer language courses in Danish/German/French were extremely popular!

In August, CIP organised summer language courses in both Danish for international students and German and French for Danish students going on exchange. Both Danish and international students have been highly satisfied with teachers and classes alike. The summer language courses were held over a period of three weeks and especially focused on oral proficiency.

Classroom with students viewed from behind

Danish language as part of the course History in Copenhagen

Basic Danish language skills can open doors and help you meet people. Learning Danish is a fantastic way to learn more about Denmark – and the people who live here. The Danish language component of the course History in Copenhagen introduces students to the language and tries to prepare them for meeting people e.g., at the university, at a café or in the supermarket.

One student wrote about the Danish course:
I really loved the course and I definitely recommend it. I'm super happy I was able to extend my exchange by a month in August and was able to meet so many new people through it. All the teachers were great and were always happy to help you out.

The international students, who arrive from all over the world, were extremely satisfied with the Danish classes and especially mention motivated teachers, a comfortable and humour-filled atmosphere during classes and considerable cultural insight as some of the best aspects.

The Danish summer language course is part of a new collaboration between the international office, Danish Culture Courses at the SAXO institute and CIP, and is designed to help international students get a flying start to their studies in Denmark.

Boosting language skills in German and French with Danish students going on exchange

The summer language courses in German and French are part of the implementation of the 2021 government grant aimed at ‘Boosting German and French’. The courses are available to students at UCPH who are going on exchange and are not enrolled in a language studies programme.

The teachers were greeted by a group of well-motivated and active students from across the university. The students experienced a steep learning curve, and, in the evaluation, they highlighted engaged teachers, safe learning environment and useful language skills as some of the best aspects of the course.

The students were taught by instructors, who are themselves students, who study either French or German. They taught under the guidance of an academic language consultant from CIP. In their evaluations, the instructors voiced their satisfaction with what they’ve learned while teaching – both in terms of didactic experience, but also in terms of improving their own language skills. Teaching the summer language course has given the instructors a self-esteem boost and the courage and desire to accept teaching positions in the future.

Both participants and instructors have been highly satisfied with the skills they’ve acquired during the course, which has thereby proven to be a beneficial initiative for two groups of students.

The plan is to offer the courses every year in August and January, depending on registrations. For registration deadlines and more information, see History in Copenhagen with Danish language and Language courses in German and French.