Gæsteforelæsning ved Larry Vandergrift

I november 2011 havde CIP besøg af professor Larry Vandergrift fra University of Ottowa, som holdt gæsteforelæsningen 'Explaining variance in L2 listening comprehension:
Why do students experience different levels of success?'.

Dato: Fredag d. 18. november 2011
Tid: kl. 11.15
Lokale: Lokale 24.2.01, nye KUA

Abstract for Larry Vandergrifts forelæsning (på engelsk):

Listening comprehension is key to success in language acquisition, yet little is known about the factors that contribute to second language (L2) listening ability. This presentation will report on a study of Canadian students in a French immersion program that examines the respective role of some of these factors and the degree to which they might predict success in L2 listening: L1 listening ability, L1 vocabulary, L2 (French) vocabulary, sound discrimination ability, working memory capacity and metacognitive awareness of listening. Based on these results, a model of listening comprehension is proposed.