Value statement

Students sitting by Emil Holm's canal in front of building 23.

CIP’s raison d’être is to promote and support UCPH’s policy of parallel language use, which since 2008 has been an integral part of its strategic goal of developing an internationally diverse university. In order to realise this goal, CIP operates according to a mission statement that requires all activities to:

  • Be based on the perspective of the users, whether they are individuals, an academic group or an administrative unit.
  • Consider the individual first and foremost, and focus on their perceptions of linguistic issues.
  • Seek to remove linguistic barriers in order to ensure equal opportunities and conditions for staff and students.
  • Be developed as close as possible to the situation in which they are most relevant and achieve the greatest effect.
  • Be organised based on the function they need to fulfil, regardless of whether this may go against the grain of foreign language acquisition traditions.

The UCPH Strategy 2023

At the same time, CIP's activities are aimed at realising the university’s most recent set of strategic goals:  UCPH Strategy 2023. Given the value statement and view of language learning that form the basis of all of CIP's acitvities, CIP is in a unique position in realising the linguistic aspects of the UCPH Strategy 2023.