Language testing and assessment

Research in the area of language testing and assessment is primarily related to the development and maintenance of local language tests and assessment tools that are embedded in specific contexts. The roles of local expertise (e.g., teachers) and the local variables (e.g., context, policies, language background) are at the core of the research.

Research areas

Our research in the area of language testing and assessment focuses on design and development of rating scales and instruments, as well as analysis of rater training and behaviour in for performance-based assessments for L2 speaking and communication. Language assessment literacy is at the core of our research interests.

As part of our research activities, we also examine the use of language tests and assessment as instruments of language policy and internationalisation in higher education. We investigate the uses and consequences of language tests for different stakeholders, as well as the educational context and the society.

Much of our research deals with the development and validation of an oral English proficiency test for certification of university lecturers to teach in English medium instruction (EMI), called TOEPAS. The research team has extensive experience of working on test design and development, including the design and creation of test specifications, and test analysis.














Photo Slobodanka Dimova
Slobodanka Dimova is an associate professor at CIP with a special focus on language testing. You can contact Slobodanka if you want to know more on CIPs work on language testing and assessment. Read more at Slobodankas academic profile.

Book cover
Dimova published the book on Local Language Testning - Design, Implementation and Development in 2019.