Courses for technical and administrative staff (TAP)

CIP offers language courses for technical and administrative staff at the University of Copenhagen. Below, you can read more about the different types of courses and find the course that meets your specific needs.

Links to course registration are available under the description of the course types.







Open courses

CIP's scheduled language courses are open to all staff at the university and are aimed at either academic or technical and administrative staff members. For Technical and administrative staff, we offer longer courses consisting of five sessions and shorter workshops consisting of three sessions. The content of the courses ranges from English for finance staff over English for study administration staff to more general workshops focusing on, for example, grammar or written communication. Read more about the specific courses in the course catalogue.

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A registration link for CIP's scheduled courses is found under the description of the specific courses, while enquiries regarding CIP’s other services can be submitted to the course administration team by sending an email to