NordPath- Network for co-creating new paths for Nordic internationalization in higher education

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has partnered with universities from Stockholm, Iceland, and Finland in a new Nordplus project titled, ”NordPath- Network for co-creating new paths for Nordic internationalization in higher education”.

The project will run in the period between June 2021 and October 2022, and its purpose is to design an online course that will help students’ at the participating universities to develop intercultural communicative competence.

As part of the project, the participating universities will benchmark their experiences regarding intercultural communicative competence development of students in order to establish a platform for the development of a joint online course. The course will be designed through partner collaboration and will be piloted in the fall 2022.

Another objective of the project is to create a network in order to strengthen the collaboration between the international coordinators from the partner universities in order to establish more possibilities for internationalization across the Nordic region in the future.

The University of Helsinki is the project manager. At UCPH, the project is coordinated by the Department for Education & Student Services at the Faculty of Humanities. CIP will contribute to the design of the online course in intercultural communicative competences by sharing experiences from former projects that focused on language and internationalization, such as “The International Classroom” and “The Language Strategy”.


In the first phase of the project, the partners will present and benchmark each other’s best practices in intercultural communicative competence and collect information to a shared platform.

In the second phase, the partners will plan the course that complements and builds on the already existing courses but focuses especially on practical, hands-on collaboration activities. They will define the scope and structure of the course and the needs for the learning platform where the course will be jointly organized.

In the third phase, the partners will jointly prepare course materials and an implementation guideline. They will also plan and arrange the practicalities for the implementation of the joint virtual course. Finally, they will open both the course plan and the prepared materials for staff for further use.



A range of meetings hosted by each project partner have been planned. The partners will meet online in September 2021, in Stockholm in November 2021, Reykjavik in April 2022, Helsinki in June 2022 and Copenhagen in August 2022. In addition to the project partners, relevant local experts will also be invited to the meetings. Ongoing online meetings and workshops will also be organized. 


This webpage will be continuously updated with news about the project.