Teachers’ literacy in language testing and assessment (LiSE)

The project “Teachers’ literacy in language testing and assessment” will create a framework for a national competence enhancement for teachers and future-proof the education of language teachers in Denmark. The project focuses on to expand the competences of the language teachers and to strengthen their knowledge, practice and confidence in relation to language assessment, and further to make them familiar with the CEFR as a framework for evaluation. Several development project for teachers around in Europe shows that the language teachers lack knowledge about assessment methods and relevant competences in the designing of evaluation materials, and also to carry out testing procedures in practice. The project will shed light on this issue.

The project will produce four online modules, which are based on the newest scientific practice in language testing and assessment with a view to maintaining and implementing the content of the modules into the language teachers’ future practice.


Time frame: 2020-2022
Project manager: Associate Professor Slobodanka Dimova (CIP).



  • Elsebeth Bechmann, Derdiedas.dk
  • Danielle Eychenne, University College Copenhagen
  • Vivien Lee Jensen, University College Copenhagen
  • Dea Jespersen, University of Copenhagen/University College Copenhagen
  • Joyce Kling, University of Copenhagen
  • Cathrine Watson, University College Copenhagen

The project is funded by the Danish National Centre for Foreign Languages (NCFF)