The Language Strategy – more languages for more students

Between 2013 and 2018, the University of Copenhagen carried out a research-supported project aimed at improving the language skills of the students across the entire University. The overall aim of the project was to equip students with the language skills required to study and work abroad, and generally function in an increasingly internationalised education environment and job market.


The Language Strategy at the University of Copenhagen aimed to help students meet some of the challenges they are faced with today:

  • An increasing number of courses and entire programmes are taught in English.
  • Students for whom Danish is a second language may need support for academic Danish.
  • Students need to be able to read texts in the original language and master foreign languages in connection with studies and fieldwork abroad.

Read more about the Language Strategy and its background and activities. sprogsatsningens baggrund og aktiviteter.

University of Copenhagen catches up with leading universities

The Language Strategy places the University of Copenhagen in the front line with a number of universities around the world with a strong focus on promoting students’ multilingualism to ensure the international dimension of higher education. Some of the universities at the forefront include JyväskylaTokyo, Tsinghua, and Yale.