Projects with a focus on academic English

Language proficiency is a key study skill as language is used to communicate our knowledge and communicate with peers. Language also plays an important didactic role since professional cognition is acquired through language. We acquire knowledge and cognition through speaking, listening, discussing and writing about academic topics.

Students often struggle with the genre-specific academic English used in the various disciplines across the University. Although students’ general English level is usually quite high, they are unfamiliar with the conventions of academic English and therefore find it difficult to cope with the academic requirements. Offering academic English support can enhance students’ efficiency and stimulate the learning process.

The Language Strategy has completed 18 pilot projects with a focus on academic English. Thirteen of the projects focused on writing, 4 on reading strategies for complex academic texts, 1 on academic conversation, and one on vocabulary for parallel language use.

Projects with a focus on writing

  • Written academic English for students of Economics
  • Integration of support for written academic English at Sociology
  • Supporting English medium of instruction for Political Science
  • International Law – from Danish to English medium instruction
  • SPOT events in academic English across SCIENCE
  • Integrated academic English support for graduate students at Food Science
  • Supporting English Academic writing at Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Academic language feedback for Physics and Nanoscience bachelor projects
  • Academic writing at Biochemistry
  • Online introductory course in academic English for MSc students
  • Academic English at Animal Science
  • Writing for publication in the health sciences

Projects with a focus on reading

  • Reading strategies in English for first-semester Political Science
  • Critical reading of scientific articles in English for Medicine
  • Reading skills in English for Pedagogy
  • Reading skills in English for students of History

Project with a focus on academic speaking

  • Academic discussion in English for PhD fellows

Project with a focus on vocabulary for parallel language use

  • Bilingual terminology for biomedical engineering

If you need more detailed information about the pilot projects, you may find it in Danish on our Danish website ( ), or you may contact the Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use at