Project description

The project adresses the internationalisation agenda of the Council of Europe which is mirrored at the universities across Europe. The internationalisation in Higher Education (HE) has been implemented through a rapid increase in EMI programs and courses across Europe, which has raised concern among different HE stakeholders regarding the oral linguistic competences of non-native English speaking lecturers, the implications of teaching in English for the instructional quality, international faculty and student recruitment as well as local student retention at HE institutions in non-Anglophone countries. Consequently, lecturers' English proficiency is under scrutiny and universities are developing policies for quality assurance, enforced by implementation of internal language assessment and teacher training procedures. 

However, the project partners are unsure about the transferability of language competences and EMI teaching support programs across different European contexts since these contexts have not been examined comparatively. 

Therefore, TAEC seeks to undertake innovative approaches to the development of a common framework for EMI quality assurance and support on the basis of which we can adapt local EMI teacher training and language assessment instruments for transparency in transnational use.